Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bad news for investors in gold coins and krugerrands

Gold and silver
The horror year of precious metals
Bad news for Investors in Gold and Silver: Precious metal prices have slipped to multi-year lows. And the bottom has not been reached.

No signs of a turnaround in the gold market.
The bad news for precious metals investors will not cease. After investors had to cope with in April, that the prices of precious metals fell double digits, was a new dimension on Thursday. The price of gold fell by more than 6 percent down and recorded for the first time since September 2010 temporarily only $ 1,285. In euro terms, for the first time since March 2011, the price fell back below 1000 euros and traded at 976 euros. So that the precious metal lost this year alone, more than 20 percent in value. For comparison, in the autumn of last year, an ounce still cost 1378 euro or $ 1800.

The reasons for the crash are varied and - not reassuring for investors - there are no signs of a turnaround in the market. Gold is traditionally a hedge against inflation. Investors who invest in the precious metal, put it that devalue currencies and gold is more valuable at the same time. By the flood of money from central banks around the globe that was a reasonable hope. However, the continued devaluation of currencies not - and inflation decreases at the moment rather than that it rises. Now indicates the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut back its bond buying program - which actually means that less money reaches the markets. Thus, the main hope of the gold investor is braked on worthless paper currencies and rising inflation, if not entirely destroyed.

Hardly an investor is betting on rising prices yet
Institutional investors have seen these dangers have been coming since the beginning. This year they built their positions in gold-backed exchange-traded products to nearly 517 tons from - that's three times as much as was in demand last year. This gold-backed exchange-traded products accounted for more than 15 percent of the annual demand in recent years. At the same time, the number of hedge funds that invest in gold, dropped to 290th The largest of these funds particularly stands out, the SPDR Gold Trust. For the first time since February 2009, the gold fund holds less than 1000 tons. In addition, investors hardly believe that the precious metal could advance into old highs. The net long positions, which are bets on rising prices, are currently at 58,000 contracts. That's as little as eight years before last, when gold traded at $ 400 and had great upside potential.

Gold still exerts an unbroken fascination for private investors. Mints are seeing strong demand for bars and coins. In the South African Krugerrand coin demand was so strong that no new orders were accepted. The American Mint experienced a high demand for its American Eagle. In addition, the central banks of emerging countries increasingly bought gold to diversify their currency reserves.

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For silver, the situation at the moment is even bleaker than gold. The price for a troy ounce fell by up to 9 percent, silver was trading at less than $ 20 - as little as recently in September 2010. So that the precious metal has lost since the beginning of more than 30 percent in value in 2011 one troy ounce was not to be had under $ 48.

Fight against the precious metals gold and silver.

Experts see manipulation in precious metal prices.
Especially gold and silver, however, should be in every plant mix, the paper currencies are not alone in making happy.

The U.S. Federal Chairman Bernanke proved the precious metals Gold and Silver, with its explanations of future monetary policy probably an intentional 'disservice'.
Supposedly the volume of the current support for purchases bonds to be reduced already 'later this year'. Until mid-2014, this could even be set if the economy should such as 'expects' develop. Thus, gold & silver as a safe haven allegedly lost some of its appeal - with the result that massive selling precious metals were downright crash. At the current price level of gold is in fact a down situation.
The world's largest gold ETF on the last Wednesday already got a small taste. For the first time since February 2009, the Fund with 999.56 tons again contains less than 1,000 tons. Then held a flight into gold because of the Lehman shock. Meanwhile, the hype has and capital flows more towards equities. But a sustainable solution to the debt crisis in Japan, Europe and the United States currently stands at no. A comeback can therefore not be excluded.
On Thursday morning, the gold price presented with falling prices.
However, many precious metal sales are done lately only on paper, in the form of so-called gold futures. Who keeps physical gold & silver in his safe, so you can lose only on paper, its weight, precious metals have not resolved relieved or even in air.
Some experts suggest very different forces behind the price crash. The Western central banks - led by the Federal - had successfully pushed the price of gold in a joint action with important price level's and want to retail investors crowd out or prevent from this asset class that new private investors in times of banking and sovereign debt crises ever to gold and silver dare. Gold as an indicator of confidence in political leadership must not rise in times of rotating printing presses and global bailouts. That would be a declaration of bankruptcy of the current financial system and some paper currencies, particularly the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.
The precious metals gold, platinum and silver, however, always maintained their millennia-long status as money & resources conservation value, with a gold or silver coin could be paid in times of crisis, unlike pressed with a bunch of cellulose fibers.
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