Monday, 15 October 2012

1 oz krugerrand value today

The Krugerrand from South Africa is the most popular gold coin in the world and one of the oldest investment coins, as they will be published in 1967 by the South African Mint.
By a gold alloy gives it its high scratch resistance, the typical reddish color is caused by the addition of copper, making the coin receives a weight of 33.93 grams (nearly 3 grams more than a coin which consists of 999 gold). Motives of politicians Paul Kruger and a springbok. The Krugerrand has no face value imprinted, since its value is determined by the daily fixed gold price. Nevertheless, it is registered in South Africa as legal tender. Denomination: 1 ounce, since 1980 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 oz
VAT: 0% tax Fineness: 916.6 / 1000

The 1 oz krugerrand value today for the Krugerrand in October declined slightly. This is linked to the price of gold, which showed last one month after long rise a slight downward trend. The current M├╝nzpreis is just under 1,200 EUR per ounce.
Due to the extremely high demand for gold may already gold coin dealers and individual needs in Krugerrand coins, gold bars and unable to service other bullion coins. The price of the Krugerrand (1 ounce) rises meanwhile continues and is currently at 1,200 euros.
Gold is and remains the "safe harbor" of many investors, what can be currently seen clearly even in price and demand the Krugerrand. Driven by the rising price of gold currently costs 1 oz Krugerrand as much as never before.
Driven by new highs in gold prices have in recent weeks as more expensive prices for gold coins significantly. Especially the # 1 collector coin, the Krugerrand, which is currently more expensive than ever before.
The price of Krugerrands should rise in the next few days. Reason for a further increase in prices of collectible coin, how could it be otherwise, the price of gold. The metal has now reached $ 1,271 an ounce, a new all-time high.
The current rise in gold prices can also gold coins such as the Krugerrand are rising again. After the price per Krugerrand (1 ounce) fell in July to below 900.00 euros, the price now stands at just above 950,00 Euro per coin.
The price of Krugerrand coin has fallen below the level of 900 euros and is currently trading at 889.00 euros. Thus now the first major correction occurred since mid-2009. The price per ounce Krugerrand has increased within the past 12 months by almost 40 percent.

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Krugerrand gold coin
Manufacturer: Pretoria Mint

1/10 ounce   € 128.120
1/4 ounce     € 320.299
1/2 ounce    € 640.598
1/1 ounce    € 1,281.196