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Precious metal for christmas - what you need to consider

To note that there's - gold for christmas
For months, provides the buying power of federal civil record for orders in gold and silver. Shortly before Christmas, the hype seems to be heading to new heights. Who buys gold only now, now caught cheaper prices than they were four weeks. T-Online provides tips on what we have to consider when buying gold.
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So the investment is gold

In the wake of the unpredictable euro crisis is the end of gold as popular as ever before. Bought not only for its own portfolio, to protect their own risk. A touch to liven up even more. Since investing grandparents without batting an eyelash in mini-bullion for the grandchildren, parents in gold coins for the kids, love gold jewelry. Even some companies give away this year to high-caliber employees, almost as a crisis-resistant alternative to the success fee in €. Many private individuals investing in the precious metal as a provision against bad times, not so much profit, Roland Aulitzky observed. According to the financial experts of "financial test" it does not shrink from that need to be forked out for gold despite a marked 200-dollar price correction since early December still quite high prices.
Gold has again become a bit cheaper

The price for one troy ounce (31.1 grams) of gold fluctuates every minute, is currently at $ 1600 (see current gold quotation), which corresponds to about 1220 €. But: This fall, costing 31.1 grams gold sometimes even of 1900 dollars, or nearly 1400 €. The longer-term outlook for gold, however, display higher up. Analysts expect that the price of gold is already in the year 2012, the 2000 dollar mark skip.
Christmas competition
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Despite the recent fall in prices can be considered a rule of thumb: the more investors are worried about the safety of their money, the higher the price of gold climbs. In the past five years, the gold price has more than tripled. In fact, many believe investors that they can make the investment in gold is not far wrong. Finally, you put your money in property values ​​and is thus supposedly protected against inflation and stock market turbulence.

But experts warn such Annabel Oelmann from the Consumer Rhine-Westphalia: "We see the issue very critically Gold is a speculative and risky investment and not the safe harbor for which it is often thought.." Who buys gold purchases, equal to several risks. First there is the price trend. "The gold price is in times of inflation or other crises has not spoiled forever. Sometimes investors had suffered losses in such times," said Oelmann.

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Consequence: If you opt for a gold investment, this should not be regarded as short-term investment, as explained DZ Bank analyst Gabor bird. "You should not see gold as a long-term insurance and so much an object of speculation." He recommends the precious metal as an additive in the investment portfolio. And supplemented consumer protector Oelmann: "Who wants to buy gold should definitely compare multiple quotes and not act hastily." When buying gold bullion is often the first offer is not the best.
Some 400 euros for 10 grams of gold

Who loved ones instead of the third computer game or the fifth cosmetics voucher this year will make golden gift should find out beforehand exactly Aulitzky emphasizes consumer advocates. For beginners can be the best piece of gold. Who bars with a fine gold content of 99.99 percent purchased, if possible with a stamp from companies such as Heraeus, Umicore or Valcambi, makes nothing wrong. It may at any time be turned into money. The 10-gram bars costs currently (mid-December 2011) well 410 €, 40,000 € per kilo.

Krugerrands instead President

For residential customers are particularly sought after mini-pieces 1 to 20 grams, as Hartmann explains. One gram of high-caliber costs about 50 euros. Engraved by Schenker as possible at some online retailers, about 70 €. In many cities and shopping centers can be mini-bullion already packaged as a gift such as candy bars from vending machines move. Affordable 2.5-gram pieces for about 120 € in many places are already sold out.

But beware: Tiny bars are always bought very expensive. The larger the unit, the better the production. So taste a five-gram per gram bullion around 20 to 30 percent more than the equivalent of a pound. As flawless investing their money, small pieces of gold are therefore not, experts say in unison. Even when gold jewelry is usually no big gains are in there. Jewelry pieces are made from pure gold, but precious metal alloys. What makes them expensive, especially the processing.
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Official Gold Coins

Who wants to buy coins for your loved ones should definitely carry standard products such as the Krugerrand, the Maple Leaf, American Eagle, the Philharmonic and the kangaroo, like those of the central banks of various countries issued gold coins are known. Only these bullion coins can be more than banks and coin dealers resell easily if they need to be turned into money. A quarter of an ounce Krugerrand currently costs about 350 €, a tenth of Oz Vienna Philharmonic almost 150 €.
Gold is not subject to VAT

Who buys gold at a time, needs to pay VAT in Germany for the precious metal. Value-added tax exemption can be acquired by commercial gold bullion. In addition, gold coins were minted after 1800, legal tender, are or were and the market price is essentially determined by their gold content. In contrast, seven silver, respectively, 19 percent are due.

Since the introduction of the flat tax first January 2009, gold bars and coins for investors become more interesting. After a twelve-month holding period gains from physical items are tax free, there is no 25-percent discount, in the treasury. Bullion and coins - like art - as a property classified. Physical gold is allowed to purchase up to an amount of 15,000 € anonymously, without disclosure.
Caution: Medals and collector coins unfit to investment

But gold is not the same as gold. Of modern coin collecting as there are to buy it before Christmas, even in food discount stores, consumers should keep their hands, advises Aulitzky. What began as a commemorative or honorary character, for example, by Acting President Christian Wulff will be sold for much, with certificate of authenticity packaged in velvet and fine wood boxes, is usually not a good investment. Often the actual value of gold medals is at most 5 to 10 percent of their retail price. Collectors and lovers sometimes still pay regular prices.