Sunday, 14 October 2012

gold bars and ounces krugerrand coins

Bars and coins: gold in the right form

Gold is an ideal store of value. The right choice is important.
Gold is always a concern for long-term investors, as long as money is uncertain.

The euro - not paper, but cotton money - is permanently insecure.

It includes private investors, especially bars and coins as the best investments, as was known by now. Occur again and again delays when the news about the euro are a little more explosive. This means that we recommend you to buy gold bars and coins at any time.

Avoid bottlenecks
We often read that there is no shortage of supply. This report mainly dealers and banks, if a buying panic is pending.

Increasingly, however, we hear from buyers at the same time that dealers can not deliver. Here bars and coins have the best prospects in the long term. Here the details of these types of investments:

Coins are important in two different classes. There are often collector coins that give out a bank or a government of limited edition. These coins are often more expensive than the pure metal value. We do not recommend.
Bullion coins on the other hand are based on the buying and selling prices of the underlying metal value. These coins are in doubt in times of crisis as well as cash, so we recommend here for a purchase.
Most importantly, in Germany the so-called "Krugerrand" is coin. This is known worldwide, and fulfills even payment function. The market share is around 50%.
Bars are in larger units, the purchase of bullion from units of more than one ounce is a good idea. Then it is usually cheaper to buy gold in this form.
Up to 100 gram gold bars are usually made of pure gold plates. If the gold coins are heavier, manufacturers are usually back on casting technique.
Are the only cast ingots, they get punched detail in which it comes to the purity and weight. Large ingots will also receive a serial number.
Camps: not expensive
You should also store the gold. You can like go to the bank and store it there, or rent a locker. This deposit is basically well as with providers that operate independently of banks.

The favorite for the storage seems to be in-house according to the latest data collected by the vault. This seems safer because the investors have direct access. Or:

In this way also eliminates storage fees. It should be remembered, however, that the safes can be relatively expensive. In addition, the storage in the vault is only safe if not the only safe, but also the installation is completed in a safe manner.

Below the line are two important recommendations for many private investors: Buy in smaller denominations, which can act rather than cash. And store them in non-bank institutions. For purchasing krugerrand gold coins visit one of the pages above.