Saturday, 21 July 2012

Buying gold - The right choice for gold bars and gold coins

The uncertainty about the future of the euro and the global economic stimulus programs enable investors worried about their savings. In order to protect themselves from inflation, many investors fall back on gold. The demand for physical products such as bars and coins is high.

Particularly in small pieces, whether coin or bullion, but the margin between buying and selling rates, and thus the high premium on the exchange-traded pure gold. It is therefore recommended prior to investing in physical gold careful consideration to make it an ideal denomination. Even when small pieces are a bit expensive, but they offer greater flexibility in the later sale.

In addition, one should when buying gold bars and coins put high value on established refineries and mints. Important for bullion is the so-called LBMA certified, so the certificate for the approval of the products on the London gold market. International meet this condition a number of vendors. The German market is of particular relevance Heraeus, Degussa and Umicore. The same applies to gold coins. Known and top-selling international bullion coins offer benefits because of the small and large acceptance share premium, which facilitates the subsequent sale of gold.

Most famous among the representatives of bullion coins is certainly the Krugerrand. The South African gold coin has a market share of around 50 percent. A special feature of the Krugerrand is its reddish glow, which derives from the addition of copper. The fine gold content is therefore a result of additional alloying with only 916.6 / 1000 or 22 carats. The copper content gives the Krugerrand gold coin greater strength and protects against scratches and damage. Since the Krugerrand contains one troy ounce of gold still increased the proportion of the total weight of copper, which is approximately 33.93 grams. In addition to the Krugerrand include the Maple Leaf, American Eagle and the Vienna Philharmonic, the world's most popular gold bullion coins.