Saturday, 21 July 2012

demand for buying gold coins and precious metals

European gold EGK office opens office in Wiesbaden

Experts expect an increasing demand for advice on buying precious metals

(NL/1378147488) The precious metal dealer European gold EGK office opened on Saturday 14th July 2012, in Wiesbaden, his first office. 12 clock where users can in the Wilhelm Strasse 4 messages to the consultants about the range of bullion coins and bars. Win against the backdrop of national debt and crisis € Precious metals continued to gain importance for the investment.

Waldaschaff / Wiesbaden, 07.05.2012. Weighs just 1 gram of the smallest bar of gold is gold at the European office EGK available. For supporting the noble metal lightweight a kinegram, a kind of hologram, which serves as a security feature and gives the mini-bars of a particular appearance. The so-called Kine-bar is one of the precious metal products, which will be available at the Wiesbaden-based office of the European office gold EGK.

Opening event offers information and advice about precious metals
The official opening of the branch in the Wilhelm Strasse 4 will be held on Saturday, 14 July 2012, at 12:00 clock instead. At the inauguration event management and technical advisor to the European gold EGK office will be present. Interested visitors will have the opportunity to learn from the experts about the issues of gold coins or precious metals and precious metal buying.
The offer of the European gold coins and bullion office EGK includes gold, silver and platinum. Among them are classic bullion coins like the Krugerrand, American Eagle or Vienna Philharmonic in different denominations and bars in various sizes starting at 1 gram mini bullion to a 5 kilogram ingot of silver. The prices are based on current market prices of precious metals and are calculated thanks to online synchronization minutes currently.

Precious metals also normal for depositors interest
Search by € crisis and inflation fears more and more people investing in precious metals for asset protection and investment. Gold and silver are not just reserved for wealthy, says Andrew Kupisch, head of trading at the European Gold EGK office. By the choice between gold, silver and platinum as well as by the different denominations, the level of investment will be made very flexible. Precious metals have been widely available for under 100 €, explained the expert. The smallest gold bullion is currently already be had for just over 50 €. With the growing interest in precious metals also increases the need for qualified advice in order to provide customers with the right investment choice from the product together, said Andreas Kupisch.

Trust and privacy is a priority
Plays In addition to advising on the purchase of gold and silver trust play an important role, says Florian Kern, consultants precious metals at the European Gold office EGK, and supplemented, so we offer with our office in Wiesbaden now just our online-shop the opportunity to personal consultation and shopping in an intimate atmosphere. Discretion is granted. Unlike the precious metals purchase via the Internet, the sale will be handled in a shop with a value up to € 14 999 anonymously. If you pay cash no customer data is stored. Only from a total value of 15,000 € to present a valid passport is required by law.

Practical alternative to gold machine shop and a shop
In addition to on-line shop and retail store precious metals at the European Gold office EGK is still available on another, unusual way: Innovative gold vending machines at locations in Frankfurt am Main (Karstadt Zeil), Augsburg (Augsburg-stock bank), eating (Limbeckerplatz shopping center) and Dortmund (animal Gallery) allow the easy gold and silver purchase by cash or credit card with an unusual idea that is popular. Whether it is a precious gift or a small investment, gold and silver from a vending machine in the trend, says Andrew Kupisch.