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krugerrand gold price per gram gold coin value

Gold coins: What collector coins are really worth

Federal German gold coins worth only if the support is low - and German silver coins are often not as yielding investment
on Martin Reim, Euro Sunday
Because they grow so fast in the spruce forest managers and forest owners is popular. Now they pleased with their dynamics and investors: the end of June, a gold coin of the covenant, on which a branch of the tree is shaped needle appeared. Issue price at the official distributor of the shipping point for collectors coins: € 207.05. At the internet auction site eBay are currently paid for these pieces up to 260 €.

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On the gold price, the increase is not due, for who has remained relatively constant in recent weeks. Obvious reason for the premium is rather the relatively low circulation of 200,000, which can not meet the demand.
Not for the first time driving a concise edition of the course. The best example is the first coin in the series "German Forest" by June 2010. The "oak", from which only 200,000 were also influenced cost, then € 151 and is currently trading on eBay for up to 330 euros - an increase of more than 100 percent. The price of gold rose while only about one-third.

Vary with the material value
But these are exceptions. Most federal spending depends on the bare German gold price. This is particularly evident in the coins with a face value of 100 €, which are published every year since 2002 - with a circulation of up to half a million. Show data from eBay: Not a single year is considerably higher than the material value. He went in recent years sharply upward. But an additional collector's value can not be determined.
As cost copies of the subject, published in October 2011 "Wartburg" is currently about 660 €. They weigh half an ounce, so about 16 grams of comparison, the official gold price per ounce is about 1300 €.
The buyer of the "Wartburg" have actually made a pretty bad deal. Because since 2011 is due per coin an initial charge of 50 € on the material value. Previously there were only 25 €. The 50 € higher than the standard five percent surcharge, as obtained for example with a Krugerrand same weight. It would therefore have been better not to resort to investment purposes "Wartburg".

Price jump is questionable
It is still unclear what will happen to the price this year's € 100-issue "Aachen Cathedral". A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Finance told this newspaper, the edition will be only 270 000 units. This is the lowest number of 100-euro coins with the "Wartburg" there were still 300 000 units (see table). Whether this reduction is, however, cause a jump in price is questionable. Because the officer's decision justified by a "lower demand" during the order period, which ran until the end of May. Always calculate the krugerrand gold price per gram and then compare with gold coin values.
While gold at one or the other supplement available on the issue price, it looks for silver coins of the Federal Republic of quite dark when it comes to performance. The statistics of Ebay are clear: No single issue of the past four decades, manages to surpass its material value significantly.
In the future, no big jumps are expected. Thus, in the plays of quality "Brilliant Uncirculated", which are available from banks that do not contain a gram of silver. To use after a strong rise in precious metal prices, the Ministry of Finance decided in the spring of 2011, a mixture of copper and nickel. Small consolation: Who accesses suffer, at least not inflation-adjusted depreciation. The pieces are all valid means of payment and must be of the Bundesbank at the issue price will be taken back by ten euros.
Free Silver coins are not all: 62.5 percent are in pieces in the "mirror finish" - included an especially nice version, exclusively via the retail outlet for collectors coins ( available. But they are extremely expensive. For instance, the sales charge ten euros, surpassing if only the material value of nearly eight euros. In addition, the nominal value of ten is €, seven per cent VAT (see box) plus the postage of more than four euros - adds up to about 25 €. By comparison, for this sum you get in stores almost an Australian silver coin with the theme "Koala" - more than three times and the silver content.
Treasury goes from empty to purchase gold
Gold fans have it good: The purchase of West German coins are exempt from tax, which applies to almost all current foreign pieces. In silver, however, are three different tax rates. Proceeds from the treasury empty, if the price is stamped the sale price. This is relevant for those German pieces of silver, which are available through banks and savings banks. However, these specimens contain no precious metals since 2011 more, so they excrete a commodity speculation. In contrast to most current pieces of silver, seven percent are due, for example, for those emissions that are sold through the retail outlet for collector coins. For some older issues a tax rate of 19 percent.
Which they are, stands on a list of the Federal Ministry of Finance, provided the € uro on Sunday for you.
Tax list of precious metals

The sale is for gold and for silver coins: profits are tax free after the one-year holding period. In earlier sale of the individual tax rate is due, which can be higher than the flat rate withholding tax of 25 percent. Losses are offset against other speculative gains.